An event isn't an event...until it's Elegant!

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Elegance Manifested is a Michigan-based event decorating company that creates unique events through balloon arches, balloon columns & elegant balloon decor. We stand apart from the rest because our professionalism, skills, and customer service are unparalleled. We’re excited to work with you to design the perfect balloon decor solution for your next event. This includes the smallest of balloon decor for your tables or large, elaborate balloon sculptures such as balloon characters, organic balloon arches, or balloon wall decor. (248) 662-5209

What sets us apart

Event design is our passion and we take we take it very seriously. We want to make sure that our décor will help create memories for you and your guests for years to come. The Elegance Manifested approach to creating the perfect décor for your event falls into three categories, and we call that system I³.


We ask you about your thoughts and desires for the look you want for your special day.


We create this blueprint before your event so that the perfect décor is assured.


​Elegance Manifested will invent the most unique décor designs for your event. We will set up the event and confirm that all Elegance Manifested designs are on time and are impeccable.

colorful balloon arche for corporate event
event decor for detroit birthday party
elmo made of balloons

Metro Detroit Balloon Decorations

Balloon decorations are a fun, cost-effective way to decorate your party, wedding, baby shower, prom, and more. Elegance Manifested’s team will use our expertise to design one-of-a-kind balloon decor plan to enhance the look of your event. What better way to welcome customers into your event than a multicolored balloon arch or a colorful balloon column? With these additions to your event, you cannot go wrong. Our expertly-crafted balloon decorations are a great addition to any event - from grand openings to baby showers. Give us a call today to discuss more interesting ways to further enhance your event decor with our professional, custom balloon creations. (248) 662-5209

Balloon Arches

Balloon arches are a great addition to graduations, grand openings, family reunions, and a host of other metro-Detroit events! Standard balloon arches, also known as single arches,  are made up of single helium-filled latex balloons attached to an arch frame. Your balloon arch can be one color or a combination of colors - it’s up to you! Your custom balloon arch can also be dressed up with a variety of items such as ribbons, poufs of tulle netting, or even feathers. (248) 662-5209

Balloon Columns

Making good use of balloon decorations is an important part of any celebration, as they help create a festive environment for your guests. If you do not want to create an arch for your event entrance, consider using Elegance Manifested’s custom-made balloon columns to lead the way and welcome your guests. Balloon columns, also known as balloon towers or balloon pillars, are one of our popular balloon decorations. Our custom-made balloon pillars are made using high-quality latex balloons of various colors and sizes, secured to a stable base. A large specially latex or mylar balloon can be placed at the top of the balloon tower for added elegant touch. Give us a call today to discuss plans to make your event decor an elegant affair! 


Custom Balloon Structures

One of our favorite ways to make clever use of balloon decorations to create balloon characters or objects based on the theme of your party. Having a Disney-themed birthday party? We can design and create fun Mickey and Minnie Mouse balloon characters sure to make your guests squeal with excitement! How about a five foot balloon sculpture of an anchor for your nautical-themed baby shower? Elegance Manifested has the experience and creativity to make your event decor dreams a reality.  Our colorful balloon creations are sure to delight your guests. And with virtually hundreds of color options available, you can rest assured that the custom balloon sculpture we design will also fit the aesthetic theme of your special event..


When it comes to balloon structures, the possibilities are endless. Our creative team can’t wait to work with you to create elegant balloon decor for your next event. 

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